Mark McClanahan


A recognized businessman and natural leader known for adapting to the current business climate and visualizing future demands, Mark McClanahan paints the strategic picture in simple, measurable terms. As President of Scotsman Ice Systems, Mark analyzed over forty objectives and whittled them down to twelve key business drivers. He focused every department on those twelve overarching goals and achieved some of the best profitability results in the history of the company.

A reputation for achieving outstanding bottom line results, McClanahan quickly evaluates each situation, develops the critical metrics, and drives excellent execution in various cultures around the world. At Hoshizaki America, Mark streamlined management staff, reduced Japanese expatriates by 50%, and tripled profits over a three-year period.

Whether at Scotsman or Hoshizaki, McClanahan introduced exciting new products to grow the top line and increase market share as well. He was also successful in driving down warranty expenses and shutting down warehouses to significantly improve quality, profitability, and cash flow.

Mark managed Scotsman through the days of uncertain corporate ownership. This sale process lasted for over a year and ended in a successful Warburg Pincus acquisition.

Before working with Scotsman and Hoshizaki, Mark spent two years with Crane National Vendors in St. Louis, Missouri and over twenty years with General Motors’ Delphi-Saginaw Division (now known as Nexteer Automotive). At Delphi-Saginaw, Mark transitioned the Alabama Steering Gear Plant, with over 1,600 employees, from the worst divisional productivity performance to the best. He also set up power steering production in Kaiserslautern, Germany for Adam Opel, Ag with new manufacturing technology and innovative team concept management in an existing traditional facility.

Although no longer a competitive athlete, sports still play a major role in Mark’s hobbies and personal life. Mark was a successful athlete growing up in Alabama.  Some of his accomplishments include being a member of the Alabama basketball state championship team in high school and the Southeastern Conference baseball champions at Auburn University.  He often draws from lessons learned on these great sports teams in his business career and his personal life as well.

Mark and his wife, Kristi, were high school sweethearts and have been married for thirty-six years; they have two grown children and four grandchildren.


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